Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Show Us the Data": Vote for Access to PACER

A great new project on access to government documents was just announced:

The Center for Democracy & Technology and today announced the launch of Show Us The Data: The Most Wanted Federal Government Documents, a project aimed at identifying vital government information and encouraging the federal government to put it within easy reach of the public. This project will lead to a report, recommending documents and data that the federal government should make easier to find and use. The project's launch follows up on a directive from President Obama to federal agencies to proactively make information available to the public. The goal is to identify the documents and databases the public most wants to be made publicly available in usable formats. The items can be information known or thought to be in the federal government’s possession, or information that the federal government should be collecting or generating. (more...)

The project comes out of Sunlight Labs, and the top 10 documents will be announced during Sunshine Week. You can also see past years' results.

I just added a comment to the PACER entry. Vote for free, open access to federal court documents!

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